mango yoghurt

breakfast is really the only food i need.

obviously i don't mean i only eat in the morning (morning, what is that?) - i mean i can live on muesli, fruit and yoghurt. or eggs and toast. or both.

oh wait, were you expecting deeper insights?

that doesn't happen to happy people, apparently. :D

(you can let me know when this happiness starts to annoy you. i'll go back to being grumps. promise.)


Prabha Mohan said...

You can't have Mango on the title and not talk about it! You are throwing water on my happiness.

Sita said...


I eat my muesli with mango yoghurt.

Or on some days, with mangoes and curds.

Or on some days with mangoes and mango lassi.


Mangoes make me happy.

Aisi said...

Mango yoghurt! <3 I was just telling my amma about this not a minute before reading your post.

Also, you Leslie Knope, you.