i'm watching you

in other (fairly personal) news, i've put on a lot of weight in the past 4 months. i'm guessing this is because - 

i haven't been working out (or even pretending to), 
i've been eating like a crazy person (i travel 3 weeks a month - i only get cheap hotel food and samosas where i go), 
i stress-eat. a lot. and i stress-sleep. a lot.
i drink 6 - 8 espressos a day (1 batch of filter coffee at the very least), 
and i eat out a lot even when i'm not travelling. 

please notice how this list does not say i've been drinking. it's because i haven't been. and if i have, it's been negligible. 

so i've taken the plunge, (un)fortunately, and i'm now on a diet and exercise regime starting now. now while the exercise thing is do-able (it is!), the diet thing is really scary. i'm only putting this on my blog, because apparently (a wise friend told me this afternoon) - food is an addiction. you can't go cold turkey, but you have to try. and to beat any addiction, you need support. and i, my dear readers, have to beat two addictions - caffeine and food. (well, a third - if you count sleep.) at some point today, i googled it - and caffeine withdrawal makes you hungry. so i'm going to be hungry and have a headache and not be able to eat more food than normal human beings. (that vlcc tummy trim package is looking so attractive to me at the moment). 

anyway, since only about 2 1/2 people read this blog, i'm going to spam you guys with ohmygodineedcoffee or ohmygodiwantdessert posts now and again. 

cool. ok.

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Yes. Cool. Okay.