first world problems

back in a world with working phones and broadband internet and facebook and twitter and toilets and tv and skype and gchat and email (frikkin email!) and uninterrupted whatsapp after 4 days and i missed everything but nobody misses ME.


(also, i'm in a city for exactly 1 day in 2 weeks, and it's a city with no alcohol. can we all please ban ahmedabad from being a city?)


AB said...

What lies.

1. It's not been 2 weeks.
2. There is alcohol in Ahmedabad. Make new friends.

Really? None of all that in Modi's Gujarat?

Sita said...

*rolls eyes*
I meant legally. Bootleggers don't count.

It will be 2 weeks by the time I'm back ok? I'm on my way to more forests in the middle of nowhere again just FYI.

Sita said...

Also, yeah. Only Vodafone works and I have airtel.

Plus I was also in Madhya Pradesh, not just Gujarat.