grumpy day

celebrating marriage and all is very good. i've changed my profile picture and i've committed to going to a party. i'm truly happy. unions, and love, and beautiful families, all very good. teary-eyed fantastic, even. can we also celebrate sexuality? people who don't want to marry? and people who don't want to be in committed relationships? and people who don't care very much for monogamy? people who don't want to have children? 

and, for heaven's sake, single people? can we please, as a culture, just be okay with single people? and not have everything be about romance all the time? like, may be, books and movies and tv shows not focus on falling in love as everything? and treat being alone like i'm a half of something? because i'm not a half. if anything, i'm a buy one get one free. please get married if that's what makes you tick. but don't make me feel like i'm some outcast because i don't want to be with someone. 

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Idyll Mind said...

It's like celebrating Mother's Day. One's appreciation for one's mother on Mother's day does not mean one's lack of appreciation for one's father, or for a non-mother on that day!

We must celebrate every person, and every choice; and we could celebrate them all on the same day or on different days; or just on one symbolic day, and ideally everyday; but celebrating one choice is not the negation of the other...

You could go to that party and celebrate the recognition of freedom, and not just gay marriage, as I know I will.

I also think books and movies should feel free to express whatever they want. What we need is variety, and the tolerance for all views, without rejecting anything!