echoes of turkish delight

You'd think I'd be craving elaborate turkish breakfasts - we spent half a morning at a village near Kayakoy, devouring everything they gave us. Bread (cooked like a kind of french toast; toast; fresh bread - the Turkish don't seem to believe in buying bread. Always only seem to eat it fresh from the oven); sausages (sucuk! a love letter); six kinds of jam (of which sour cherry jam, tomato jam and pumpkin jam are favorites); fried eggs in a pan; four kinds of cheese (my lord the cheese!) and four kinds of olives (sigh), watermelon, cay and kahwe. I do miss them. (Sigh, do I miss them or what).

But more than anything else, I miss menemen. One bowl - tomatoes, olive oil, eggs (slightly runny, perfectly cooked), paprika and (if they love you very much) a slightest amount of cheese. top this off with fresh parsley/basil. Eat with fresh, warm bread.

Menemen, I want you now. :(

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