my brain be like tch remembering passwords be for losers hahaha

(i hate it when i get locked out of my email account)


how to read an american cookbook

how was i to know
that nectarine means
summer, bright red, fresh;
that summer invokes warmth,
not searing, sweltering heat;
that when you said i
taste like nectarine jam
(your grandmother's recipe:
three parts sugar, half a cup of
lemon juice, no pectin needed),
it was seeped in nostalgia
for fruit trees and cousins?

nectar (n): food of the gods
brings to mind a story
about men fighting for
i think it's sweet with a
hint of cinnamon and chilli.
deep gold in colour (because
that's what amar chitra katha
makes me imagine, just like
it refused me the capacity
to imagine a god in that story
who transcends bodies: their shapes,
their meanings, their constraints).