i'm actually moving. things are being put into boxes. it's really happening. 

i feel like i'm tearing my heart out and abandoning it here in this city. it's a terrible, terrible feeling. and i just don't want to go. the rational part of my brain knows why i'm doing it, but the rest of me is shivering. i'm constantly holding back my tears. 

i've lived here for nearly seven years now. i want to say oh i'll be back in two years la la la but cities are brutal. they'll just move on without you. when (if) i'm back, there'll be a faint smile of familiarity in 4s but no asking random people to scootch because i need a table. market cafe won't instantly give me a double cappuccino. the auto rules would have changed. summerhouse won't be the place everyone's at on a friday night. my swimming pool won't recognize me. my niece won't be a baby anymore. my nephew'll be in the 7th standard *shudder*. people i love would have moved away, gotten married, gone on with their lives. what i'm really afraid of is not having someone to call at 7 PM to say "bro happy hours for another hour. wanna get a drink?" or just walk in to a good bookstore (okay, midlands) and spend two hours there and not buy anything and leave. (where i'm going has only the shittiest bookstores ever). i'm scared of not being anonymous, of not meeting interesting people, of having to build up a whole life for myself from the scratch. of not running into people i haven't seen in ages. of not being a delhi person anymore. and i just don't want to go.   



"I don't think it'll ever end. Like a postmodern nightmare. Till the end of time."

"I had one of those last night."

"Oh no. Those are the worst."

"Yeah! I dreamt I was saving the world but the tragedies were so great and never-ending, that even though I was winning I was losing. So I kept walking from one room to the next (like in that new Radiohead song) and each new room was a new tragedy. I was all alone at home. I woke up at like, 4, moved out of my bedroom with my blanket, put on the television and watched Sex and the City till I passed out on my couch."

"In the dream?"

Honestly, I don't know.


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my mother writes poetry about
her mother.

she writes about age,
memory loss, senility,
about watching her mother's
mind disintegrate, about
not remembering
names, faces, dates, childhoods
not knowing
recipes to dishes she has cooked
everyday, laughing
at things she has no comprehension of
anymore: the television, soap,
remote controls, shoelaces.

"she can still read," my mother says
so they read together:
the vishnu sahasranamam.
"she thinks she can sing" my mother says
so they listen to her sing.

i wonder if i
will have the strength
to write poetry